Recent Press

  • 11-14-2019

    Peated Rye!

    If peat gives bourbon gives a little complexity to a familiar product, a hint of peat sends rye whiskey into strange and beautiful territory. This is one of the most unusual whiskeys we’ve made, with the peat showing more forward and the funky rye backbone that  drinks a little like a pungent old scotch, despite being a young American whiskey. We are pleased to offer a limited offering of this whiskey to New York accounts, and for sale while supplies last in our tasting room.

  • 06-12-2019

    New 750ml Bottle

    Today we are formally announcing the release of our new, custom-designed 750ml bottle. Two years in the making, ours is made in England to our specifications and marks our transition from an experimental distillery making pints and half pints for our New York neighbors to a full fledged, nationally-focused craft distiller with distribution in 20 states and 6 countries. When we started in 2010, we could barely make enough whiskey to fill 200ml flasks with moonshine. Now, with increased distilling capacity from a new submarine-style pot still from Vendome Copper and Brass in Louisville, a steady pipeline of aging stock, and plenty of demand for a larger format, our whiskey will finally be available in full sized bottles. Straight Bourbon and Peated Bourbon will be available in this bottle at our distillery and the Gatehouses starting at noon on Saturday 6/8. Stay tuned for more festivities as we celebrate this new bottle, bigger production, and the chance to reach even more people with our traditionally-made, creatively-conceived, and genre-bending American whiskeys.

  • 03-29-2019

    SF World Spirits Competition Results

    We’re thrilled to announce our best showing ever in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, bringing home DOUBLE GOLD for our Empire Rye Whiskey and DOUBLE GOLD for our flagship Straight Bourbon Whiskey. San Francisco’s contest is considered by many in the spirits industry and the most reputable and influential, thought not without some criticism for giving too many medals. One thing helping to bolster the credibility of the contest is Fred Minnick’s commentary which reinforces the rigor of the blind competition and narrates the stakes of the whiskey category.

    Fred’s recaps are widely read, and can turn the fortunes of a whiskey overnight—his favorites often disappear from shelves soon after. Fred called out our Bottled-in-Bond in 2017, and now to have this nod to Empire Rye we consider a very meaningful endorsement, indeed from all the judges who must agree on a gold winner for double-gold status. We also picked up Silver Medals for our Peated Bourbon, Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon, Barrel-Strength Bourbon, and Single Malt Whiskey. As we always say, awards don’t mean that much individually, but a room of spirits industry veterans picking our products blind time and time again adds up.

    To celebrate we’re sending out a new allocation of Empire Rye to any NYS stores and out-of-state distributors that take us up on the request, and of course, our flagship bourbon is always available any place Kings County’s whiskeys are sold. Ask for your bottle from your favorite retailer—your voices as customers go a long way in helping support our business.


  • 12-03-2018

    Rare Collection Gift Sets

    Our Rare Collection Gift Set features our three allocated whiskeys in 200ml bottles. Get our Empire Rye, Bottled-in-Bond, and Barrel Strength Bourbon in one place with this high end set. Available in select New York stores starting on Thursday and at the distillery any time. Just in time for the holidays, $100 gets you three of our most talked about whiskeys in a box.

  • 11-03-2018


    One of the things we have always been interested in doing as a distillery is getting behind the marketing and finding out what really has an impact on whiskey and what is just storytelling. Single barrel whiskey has been around for a few decades now, but do single barrels taste that different if they are all filled with the same liquid and aged around the time? We think the answer is yes, but don’t take our word for it, come to our first Barrelpalooza at the Gatehouses next Friday, November 16th 6pm-8pm and try 5 single barrels of bourbon side by side for $20. That gets you an ounce of bourbon from each barrel and you’ll automatically be entered to win a gift set of all five bottles, which will be for sale individually for $45. Head blender Ryan will be around to answer questions and give context to anyone curious. Bottles for sale while supplies last, and because every barrel is by nature unique, these will never be sold again.

  • 10-11-2018

    Fall Events

    For those that live in NY, we have a lot of events coming up, including a Yard Sale Sunday, Oct 14th of odd and discontinued whiskeys. We are hosting author Kara Newman for a cocktail class to honor her new book on Nightcaps on November 6th.  We’ll also have our first ever Barrelpalooza Single Barrel Event November 16 in the Gatehouse where we’ll be selling flights of single barrels and offering our favorites for purchase. We’re also keeping our store open late on a few days throughout November and December with free tastings and cider to aid in your holiday shopping. And we have several editions of our Whiskey Wars tour, Dead Distillers tour, Art of Tasting Whiskey class, and Big Onion Walking Tour of Dumbo to join throughout the fall. And as a final note, we always have a special additional menu every time there is a full moon, so make plans to tune into the lunar calendar for your fall drinking agenda.

  • 10-11-2018

    Rye Week 2018

    Here at the distillery we are just getting started distilling our annual delivery of rye, 25 tons this year, which will go into production of Empire Rye, our newest and rarest whiskey. Our rye conforms to a set of standards created with a group of other New York distillers to celebrate the state’s history of rye production as well as the recent craft renaissance, bringing together new producers of this classic American whiskey.

    To celebrate our rye and the project in general, we are participating in New York Rye Week, a series of events around the state to support this grain and its whiskey. Tickets are available to taste our rye with other Empire Rye Producers and head blender Ryan Monday the 15th at Caledonia, or visit a retailer tasting at Gnarly Vines, or at the Union Square Greenmarket. Rye week will culminate with our Rye Revel at the Gatehouses on Sunday October 21st, from 4 to 8pm to celebrate our rye whiskey with rye-themed food from Russ and Daughters, music, and rye-themed games for our our second annual harvest-time rye celebration. We’re even launching a new rye whiskey-scented candle, our second collaboration with our neighbors at Joya Studio.

  • 10-01-2018

    American Single Malt

    Today we are announcing a new and more refined blend of our Single Malt Whiskey, an overlooked spirit that we remain very proud of, but may not yet have found its audience. We have also joined the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission in advocating for clear standards for an American version of this classic international whiskey style. (Malt whiskey in the U.S. is easy to confuse with malt liquor, something altogether different). If you missed the first batch, we encourage you to revisit this whiskey. Especially for those that love scotch, this is an interesting corollary made right here in NYC. Our single malt is available everywhere except onsite at the distillery due to ingredients (grain is sourced from the U.K.) and licensing requirements.

  • 03-26-2018

    Honey Moonshine 2018 Release

    With spring around the corner, we are excited and pleased to announce the return of our Honey Moonshine, an ongoing project with Brooklyn Grange, our rooftop farming (and beekeeping) neighbors in the Navy Yard. For anyone who has ever wanted to know what whiskey infused with NYC honey tastes like, ours is a delicious sweet and floral white whiskey. Unlike commercial honey whiskeys, ours has an authentic flavor because it’s steeped not just with real raw honey, but with with full frames from the beehives to allow the whiskey to pick up flavor from the beeswax and propolis too, with no other additives or ingredients. This run saw some improvements to filtration, but as a pro tip we still recommend shaking this bottle before consuming as the honey can concentrate toward the bottom over time.

  • 10-25-2017

    Barrel Strength Allocation

    Our holiday Barrel Strength allocation is going into stores this week. Once a regular offering, the demand on our older inventory has made it such that is is now one of our allocated whiskeys. The fall allocation is a small blend with some barrels pulled from some the oldest stock Kings County has ever released (5+ years). It is also the highest proof bourbon we’ve ever released at 128.2, having climbed from an average barrel entry proof of 116. This is a connoisseur’s bourbon: rich, bold, and memorable. And while many stores will get a few bottles allocated, we’ll always be in stock at the distillery.