We got started making whiskey at home. This gave us a chance to find out for ourselves what variables we think make good whiskey—in some cases our answers confirmed conventional wisdom, but more often they turned it on its head.  As a result, our whiskey is idiosyncratic; its taste reflects different values.

Still, we wanted to share what we learned in the hopes that this openness might further extend an appreciation for the art and craft of whiskey-making, at every scale.  We wrote a book about whiskey, published by Abrams Books in October, 2013.  The book is a guide to America’s indigenous spirit—from the whiskey made by the earliest colonists to the sprawling distilleries of Kentucky to the adventurous craft distillers working today in almost every state. It answers many questions that have mystified amateurs and enthusiasts alike, including what, precisely, makes whiskey whiskey. And it is also a manual for how to make homemade whiskey, otherwise known as moonshine, safely and deliciously (if not quite legally). Offering clear instruction and advice, along with recipes for whiskey drinks and dishes, and recommendations for outfitting the perfect home bar, this is an indispensable companion for both the distiller and the drinker.

Get your own copy here, or at your local bookstore store.